Katrina Kollegaeva

Katrina, or Katya, was born in Tallinn, to a Russian dad from Crimea and Ukrainian mother – ‘Soviet hippies’, as she calls them for their not-much-thought-through impulse to leave all and move to Estonia in late 60s.

Katrina did just the same though when at the age of 19 she came to London for a 3 day trip. She never left. Real interest in food came with the loss of her mother whose love of food was like her looks: exquisite, sensual, full-bodied. Katrina realised the obvious: when you are hungry you are alive. She wanted to reconnected with her mother, her roots, and so the journey started.

Katya is now a food writer (including being a Time Out restaurant critic for several years); a graduate in the Social Anthropology of Food from the University of London. Katrina is working for the Soil Association, supporting some iconic caterers with combining commerciality with ethics in their menus, in marketing food in a way that tells a story. In her ‘spare’ time, she creates pop-up dining experiences Russian Revels with her fellow Slavic foodie Karina Baldry.

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